Builderall Responsive vs Drag and Drop Website Builders

Vicki      Friday, August 25, 2017

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In the world of website builder software, Builderall's Drag and Drop website builder and it's Responsive website builder, though each being fully featured and easy to use, address two entirely different approaches of website design.

Which editor should you use?

There are helpful tutorials that touch on a few differences of these builders, both of which are excellent.

And coming from years using Wordpress, where all themes are different, each with their own builders that come with their unique technical issues, plugin compatibility and integration hiccups, I'm liking what I see so far.

Many of the technical back end site maintenance things from security to SSL, to site load speed, to regular backups are made transparent to the web designer and user.

In the videos below, I walk you through some of the differences in the builders.

Creating the Best Responsive Websites  

What is a responsive website you may wonder?

It is a site that adapts on the fly to the various screen sizes of so many devices now on the market, including desktops, tablets and smart phones.

But it inially wasn't designed for all of the various types of mobile devices that exist today, and so has its limits in flexibility it offers the designer.

Still, I have quickly adapted to the grid system building blocks and apps inside the Responsive builder, and it edits as well as wordpress, of course allowing access to HTML when you need it.

The Responsive builder comes with dozens of responsive website templates and creates the responsiveness without the designer having to make a seperate page for tablet and smart phone layouts

It is also better for a standard blog, with its more blog style templates, headers and widget apps for a plethora of flexible building blocks and layouts.

In some ways it seems almost more flexible than the drag and drop builder, but just in a different way. 

In this video I introduce you to Builderall's Responsive website builder and let you know about some of the interesting little 'gotchas' and easter eggs I've found:

Builderall's Drag and Drop Website Builder Software

The Drag and Drop builder is better for total flexibility when it comes to laying out a different look, feel and functionalitiy for the mobile and tablet versions of a website.

Although that does imply doing each layout seperately, Builderall makes this a breeze with its click and view versions for each, saving all three versions together during the design phase.

The video below goes over a few of the things I'm finding with the creation of one of my first sites with the Drag and Drop builder. In it, I point out some things that might be of use to you going forward if you are thinking of checking out Builderall (I did a full review of Builderall here where you can also find my affiliate link if you'd like me to receieve a small commission, thank you so much in advance!) 

Again, it's actually desirable sometimes to design for different experiences on mobile than on a desktop version of a site. In those cases, and for the flexibility and limitless creative templates, drag and drop builder wins the race!

I've been using Wordpress for years, and even recently have struggled through many technical issues that I just do not have to worry about with Builderall.

So again, you will want to go through the various templates and editors for each website builder. Create a template for yourself just to play around with the elements and see how many apps you have at your disposal.

Should you decide to give Builderall a try, get 7 days free when you click on my affiliate link inside this Builderall Review post on this site, as well as a special introductory price of $29/mo for a limited time.

As always, let me know what your greatest challenges are in your business. There is a contact page link in the footer, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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