BuilderAll Reviews are In: A Turn-Key Digital Marketing System That Overdelivers for Price

Vicki      Tuesday, August 15, 2017

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Builderall Review

Before I get into this review, I'd like to tell you this quick story...

I wasn't quite finished patting myself on the back for finding Wishpond (a pretty awesome looking tool to do landing page creation, split tests, popups and Facebook integration), when I tripped over BuilderAll.

You know how it is....

There's always something to solve a problem in the digial marketing webisphere, with no shortage of problems to solve....

I was within minutes of adding to my credit balance the $420 yearly for Wishpond (which is $35/mo, less than half their advertised pricepoint), a pretty good deal I thought! (plus they do FB integration as well, awesome!).

Also, I was planning on buying the full liscense for Thrive themes for $147 (I need all the Wordpress theme support I can get).

But when I logged in and poked around in Builderall for a couple of hours, I quickly cancelled my expiring free trial of Wishpond, my plans for Thrive themes, and my auto-responder.

[Disclaimer] the links in this post are mine, and I do make a small commission from sales off that link, so I thank you in advance! I also have bonuses available to anyone who does sign up with my link!

What's the best website builder for 2017 and beyond?

Based on the tools in the system, and the $29 per month for what could easily cost 10x that, Builderall is the winner hands down, a no brainer. (after this launch price expires, it will go up to $47, still a steal).

Now that said, I'm not saying it's perfect!

No system of its kind can be, but there are some growing pains (thus the HUge discount).

As for my 9 year old blog, it's recently had to undergo days on end with tech support to get the load times down to within Google and Facebook's accepted range, adding SSL, and swaping out a ton of outdated plugins.

Between hosting support and outsourcing to a programmer, well, you get the idea.

Typical day in the life of a digital entrepreneur.

BUT, nothing compares to it for the dollar, period.

Click Funnels vs Lead Pages vs Builderall

When I found Builderall, I was pouring over comparisons between Click Funnels vs Lead Pages vs Wishpond.

Builderall seemed to be of the calibur of Click Funnels (which is anywhere from $97 tp $297 per month for a funnel system, no integrated email server, and a not so well reviewed evergreen webinar platform, no Facebook integration, heat map, or mobile app builder).

But the price point is what blew my socks off...  I would have gladly paid $97 / month. So, $29? Oh Heck Yeah!!

Now mind you, although I might be a bit predjudice here I never recommend ANYTHING we don't use or haven't used ourselves in our daily business, and objectively based on my nearly 10 years of experience in digital marketing.

So I did a quick overview for you here, and then I highlight both the PROs and CONs (yes there are a few) in the list below along with my fair assessment.


There's more to this system than just being one of the best web hosting sites we've seen (unlimited domains hosted on a secure, state of the art platform), these are just a few other highlights:



Now for the nitty gritty data points.....

Product Summary

Vendor:                Simon Warner
Product Name:    Builderall
Launch Date:       US July 2017 (Brazil 2015, 7 yrs in development)
Front-End Price:  $47 (currently $29/mo lifetime for limited time offer)
Niche:                  Webpage builder
Rating:                 97/100

So aside from the best site build website (not just one but two different builders depending on what your needs are), what else is in the Builderall platform?

Builderall Features: 


A subscription to Pushcrew or PushEngage alone ( services that provides browser notifications ) would be at least $17 per month.

And it doesn't stop there, here are more digital marketing tools that make up the every day funnels we know and love....

So I won't repeat a lot of the same stuff I've already written about its features, but just a basic list of PROs or the best advantages of Builderall vs other web builders:


  1. The sheer amount of functionality for the price is the biggest take away. I've seen nothing else that comes close to it and ditched three other costly tools for what this has provided us for a fraction of the price.
  2. As you can easily create done-for-you sites, funnels and email campaigns, as well as re-sell the Builderall system with the affiliate (2-Tier commission) program, it truly is a business in a box.
  3. Added extras that are normally paid services like SSL, Mobile App builder, Heat Maps and SEO on top of the unlimited domain hostings and emails.
  4. Builderall's website builders remove the technical aspects of Wordpress that are almost complete show stoppers for newbies


  1. This is very different for someone used to Wordpress, so a bit uncomfortable at first.
  2. A little confusing at first to have two completely independent website builders. One is responsive (adapts to mobile and various devices), the other is a drag and drop editor which affords a ton of added creative options (but does not adapt though has helpful guides to ensure you have all versions looking nice for device interop). Both website builders are very nice to design with (once you unlearn Wordpress :).
  3. For those who are used to being under the hood, having access to a cPanel, you might be somewhat disappointed. As they have made it a point to make website building and management as technically non-challenging as possible for everyone. But effectively there is not a whole lot you NEED to be under the hood for if not using Wordpress so it allows you more time to pay attention to your marketing message.
  4. The responsive builder is so far only set up to have the Google Analytics code added, though it does have widgets to add video iframe code. The drag and drop builder has a place to add Facebook Pixel code and other scripts (e.g. Google Remarketing Tag), and the Heat Map code inside of Builderall.
  5. While SSL is on all sites, back office, landers and drag and drop builder sites, the resopnsive builder does not yet have it. 

... but, do I recommend this product?

YES YES YES. Don't even hesitate because for the money you can't get an auto-responder that would even send to a list size of 10,000. You could not get a page builder software for anywhere close to the price of the entire Builderall system.

SCORE: 97 out of 100