Clickfunnels vs Builderall an Honest Opinion from Russell Brunson

Vicki      Thursday, August 24, 2017

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Clickfunnels vs Builderall opinions from Clickfunnels owner Russell Brunson should be taken toungue in cheek here, as obviously he's a bit frustrated with people complaining about bugs in his system.

In case you're not here knowing Clickfunnels already (which I imagine you do), it's the only system that even comes close to what Builderall has to offer, and has set an industry standard with its template driven funnel creation capabilities. 

As an industry veteran I have mad respect for this man, or had until I saw this video. 

I am very familiar with Clickfunnels and had a paid account for a while. We could not tweak the funnels without breaking something, as Russel points out in his video. The funnels are templates that can't be hacked successfully and were never intended to. 

So we gave it up and moved on to other platforms (sadly, Builderall was not available at the time).

While this Clickfunnels vs Builderall shold not a pissing match, you might think otherwise when you watch this video.

As you might guess, I'm sure Russel did himself much more of a disservice by ever posting this video, as it shows his colors he may otherwise prefer you not see. I still respect the man but he has some growing up to do, obviously, just give him time. 

Nonetheless, the fact they actually shut down the websites of a certified expert in their system for promoting Builderall is appalling (affiliate marketers commonly promote multiple products in the same space, and unlike MLMs, these type of programs typically do not include non-compete clauses in their ToS).

Website builders and the like are merely tools of a very difficult trade, meant to alleviate the burden of the technical side of what is marketing and advertising today.

Many more skills are required to be successful in this industry outside of putting up websites and funnels. What we really need are skills to build sites that convert, and to drive traffic effectively and economically to them.

As we continue to give our best to everyone coming up in this industry, we lead by example.

But this video makes it clearl that Clickfunnels doesn't care about its customers nearly as much as what I've seen with Builderall.

Meanwhile, check out my full, honest review of Builderall, where you will find my affiliate link if you would like to it for a FREE 7 day trial along with a rediculously low $29/mo price tag.

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