How to Increase Conversion Rates with a Free Headline Analyzer

Vicki      Thursday, August 24, 2017

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Using a headline analyzer is something I've grown to love using as it makes the art of writing headlines a little fun, in that it's a bit of a game beating my highest score.

That said, it is a tool that uses the weight of emotional words, power words, and uncommon words, the number of characters and number of words to give you an overall rating.

Since your headline is what gets the click in so much of your marketing, it's something not to be overlooked. It is paramount to your getting the most from your traffic conversions. 

In fact, we spend so much time on the mechanics of putting up websites, getting funnels and email autoresponders to work, and buttons and apps integrated, that when it finally comes to our marketing and copywriting, we might just fall short of exhaustion.

Using a Free Simple Headline Analyzer

This video walks you through using an easy headline analyzer to improve your conversion for email marketing, paid advertising, social media and SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) . 

Whether you've got to improve your ROI or just get more shares, this will help:

When you have your headline and keywords together, you make the most of your digital real estate. As every bit of effort you use should be leveraged, the value of a headline cannot be understated.

A good headline will help to:

Increase Conversion Rates

Whether it is for email marketing, advertising networks like Google or Facebook, social updates and blog posts, good headlines increase conversion rates everywhere.

Headlines are crucial in SERPs as well, where competing page titles get the click according to first the position, adn next, the most compelling headling.

Email marketing is competing for all others in an inbox overstuffed with dozens of emails per day.

What makes your subject line compelling enough for someone to click?

When you use a headline analyzer, especially after tweaking your headling to insert your main keyword, you can easily test out several iterations of headlines.

Upworthy has an editorial process that stipulates some 2 dozen or so headlines be flushed out for every blog post!

Improve Website Conversion Rate

Your website's SEO is as important as ever in this competitive age of a much matured digital marketing industry.

The headline is a huge part of this, since it's going to define the content of your H1 tag.

Though you must consider SEO, you still want to get as many clicks from someone viewing your ad, social post, or blog title in the SERP.

When you come up with your website structure, you will want to define an interconnected set of topics that you'll cover, which will define not only your menu structure but your keyword focus.

When you write headlines however, you are looking for the click, which requires some vaule in the headlines' words that will pull your reader in.

That may not align with what a bot sees when it's indexing your site.

Write artilces and posts for the reader, not for bots.

However, that being said, you still need to work in your main keyword into your title, so that it is included in the H1 tag.

You'll also want to ensure it's in the Meta Title tag.

But I digress, I don't want to get into a discussion of keywords here, but suffice to say that your headline is the most important place for your main keyword in a post, given it reads well for sense.

I hope you enjoyed this tidbit and if so please consider sharing, commenting and liking! I'm very grateful in advance for your support!