Increase your Social Media ROI with SmarterQueue

Vicki      Thursday, August 24, 2017

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Increasing social media ROI is achievable, but some tools and tactics are more effective than others.

I decided to write about this system soon after I started using it. It literally has saved us 80% of our time invested in creating and managing social calendars. 

Besides the ease of creating a social content calendar, the curation of content from sources outside of your own is especially helpful. 

The curation task would often take at least 30% of our resources. Between culling and collecting specific content to share, and keeping track of it all in spreadsheets as the getPocket source filled, translating that into evergreen social posts was arduous at best.

Another similar service is MeetEdgar, which I was so close to getting, I already had a trial account.

But a huge difference that stood out was Smarterqueues ability to integrate the curation.

The calendar fulfillment is done entirely in the tool.

Social Media Marketing Measurement

Measuring and tracking your social statistics are essential to increasing your ROI.

And analytics is another area in which SmarterQueue really shines.

The amount of data you get on your own posts and engagement, much less that of your competitors, is off the hook awesome!

The time table in the analytics area also gives you the best times to post based on when the most popular people and brands in your niche are posting.

And although engagement in real time with social accounts in the way provided by Hootsuite isn't yet incorporated, Smarterqueue has so much savings in time and money for us it was a no brainer (and I will happily still use Hootsuite to manage engagement).

How to Easily Create and Fulfill a Content Calendar

If you want to leverage your time and financial investment in your content engine, then create your social media campaign with SmarterQueue.

You create a social media campaign by integrating your speicific quarterly goals, promotions and advertising into a series of posts interwoven with your value content and curated content from others.

With SmarterQueue Categories you can label them as you see fit, for example, Valentine's Day Campaign. That campaign can be tagged to several posts within your calendar and fulilled as described in the video below.

Watch this video as I walk you through how SmarterQueue works, I think you'll agree you'll want to try it out!

SmarterQueue is simply the easiest tool to create and deploy a social content calendar that I have ever seen.

Saves me a ton of time!

If you have any questions about something that wasn't quite clear please let me know in the comments area below.

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